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Starting Pitching

May 15, 2017 07:13AM
smileys with beer It's long been said we would go as far as the starting pitching will take us. After this last week that doesn't seem very far. Sabathia started out on a high note, but his last 4/5 starts have sucked. He reverted to not vary location or mix his pitches to get ahead of batters. He doesn't field his position and with the brace never covers the bases - a pitcher becomes a fielder once the ball is released not CC. For him to help the team he either needs to go to pen or retire. We've seen starters feed off each other when they were going good - looks like this weekend the opposite held true. Maybe it was just that one bad game for Severino and Tanaka - time will tell. We watched Chapman try to pitch through his injury without telling anyone - the results were the blown save/18-inning marathon on the north side of Chicago. Yesterday he was placed on the DL and will be out at least a month. Why bring that up in a rant about the starters - maybe because Tanaka is involved - we put the tear behind us because he was winning - but he really hasn't been his dominating self. So anticipate media speculation - is it because he is losing velocity or perhaps the tear is worsening and causing problems. Again only time will tell - but there are times I've learned to hope for the best while anticipating the worst. Luis faltered as a starter in /16 losing every start but flourished when put in the bull pen. He won a starter's spot in spring training and got off to a good start - here's hoping yesterday was an anomaly and his next start he will ace it. Michael has us on a yo-yo string with each start - no idea which will show up, Big Mike with nasty, domination or uncontrollable Mike with difficulty find the K-zone. Jordan Montgomery is the fifth starter at least for now. He's young and shown good stuff - but as the competition gets stronger we'll see if he can survive in majors. Looks like we just might get the opportunity to use the Scranton shuttle service to see what some of our AAA guys can offer on the main stage: One start or relief appearance is not enough to judge anyone by - so sit back, relax and let's see where the starting pitching in the Bronx will us in 2017.

  Starting Pitching

toga144May 15, 2017 07:13AM

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Hitman2388May 16, 2017 09:23AM