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Tale of two Losses

May 02, 2017 09:08AM
First I would take on anyone who disputed my loyalty & support of the Yankees - remember I've been in their corner since '51 as a 6 year old, so I've seen a lot both good & bad.
Sunday was a game we should have won after coming back in the bottom of the 9th - there's plenty of blame to go around for not getting a clutch hit or just making contact with a runner on 3rd. Mitchell seems to be the goat getting sent down after taking the loss - not right. Or are we just starting the S/W - Bronx shuttle to keep fresh arms in the pen - more likely. I'm not blaming Joe G for the calls he made. Having Mitch play 1st to keep him in the game was the only move with only Layne in the pen after Chap - Layne is a specialist and hasn't been as dependable this far. Playing 1st & then going back to the mound might have distracted the focus of anyone. My concern was having to pinch hit because we lost the DH - with the slump that Bird has been in since opening day - with the exception of one Saturday- just maybe that was the time for him to take one for the team. Might have been better letting Chap swing at least he might have a better chance of driving in the run. A game we should have won but left 11 risp including the 2nd & 3rd no outs in the 2nd & watching Higesawa (?), Gardner & Hicks look stupid striking out.
Loss 2 in a row last night - we got clobbered. Toronto is off to a slow start BUT have the players to contend especially when they get key players back from the DL. They have some quality pitchers - having a horrid game at the plate; Severino not having his good stuff - this loss was more palatable. Not saying I'm happy with any loss but losing like that is easier to come back from.
This team is young & resilient so I'm not expecting any lengthy losing streaks. They're hungry and want to win - playing for the team is their focus. Remember this is the year no one expected these kids to even contend so enjoy everything they give us - should they stay in contention as #IAMGARY returns to the lineup possibly this weekend in Wrigley let's relax and consider it a bonus. Not every team contends while transition is taking place. We can go back 22 years when the Core Four was emerging onto the scene. Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride the Baby Bombers are going to take us on during the coming years.

  Tale of two Losses

toga237May 02, 2017 09:08AM

  Re: Tale of two Losses

Hitman23102May 02, 2017 06:04PM