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Re: Twins lead 307 to 306!

September 29, 2019 06:00PM
what really stinks - all the guys who are ending the season in slumps: Gio, Gleyber, Didi, Luke - EE is still questionable - according to Cash that decision will probably Wednesday or Thursday. Sanchez is off on hids timing. DJ is in a ministruggle. Kahnle, O & Zack didn't look sharp today after all that rest, too much. Tanaka wasn't sharp coming out of the pen; Green's control was off -Bottom line it's scary going into the playoffs - Gleyber has been sloppy in the field along with his slump. This last week there has been a lack of detrermination missing - something that carried us through all the injuries to play just a bit harder. It's a let dfown after they clinched the ALE - question is can they turn it back on Friday???

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