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Re: Re:Boone Does Some Tinkering

September 10, 2019 07:57PM
I thought we had enough firepower, but Gleybor tried to get too fancy on that double play ball and let the Tigers ( worst team in AL) back in the game. Now hopefully the bats don’t go dormant the rest of the game.

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toga77September 10, 2019 03:30PM

  Re:Boone Does Some Tinkering

toga47September 10, 2019 04:16PM

  Re: Re:Boone Does Some Tinkering

PRYanksFan49September 10, 2019 07:57PM

  Re: Frustrating

toga47September 10, 2019 07:59PM

  Re: Frustrating

PRYanksFan45September 10, 2019 09:04PM

  Re: Frustrating

Hitman2356September 10, 2019 11:18PM

  Re: Frustrating

Hitman2345September 11, 2019 01:18AM

  Re: Frustrating

toga58September 11, 2019 06:47AM

  Excellent point, Toga!!!!

Hitman2353September 11, 2019 10:00AM

  Re: Thanks

toga46September 11, 2019 11:18AM