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Interesting topic.

January 24, 2019 08:29AM
I never thought about if I've ever seen a class of HOF players who were elected in the same year, in person during their careers. I don't think I could ever confirm for myself. I have ever seen Jack Morris for example pitch? Yes, numerous times on TV, but did I ever see him pitch in person at Yankee Stadium? I don't know. I just can't recall.

Intersting topic, Toga. thumbs up


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toga209January 21, 2019 03:41PM

  Re: Program Alert: HotStove 1/22

Hitman23152January 22, 2019 01:53AM

  Re: Program Alert: HotStove 1/22

toga130January 22, 2019 06:33AM

  Re: Program Alert: HotStove 1/22

Hitman23292January 22, 2019 07:59AM

  Re: Program Alert: HotStove 1/22

unclekevin151January 22, 2019 02:52PM

  Bill Ballou: "After further review, I voted for Mariano Rivera"!!!

Hitman23150January 22, 2019 05:32PM

  Crunch time...

Hitman23138January 22, 2019 06:09PM

  And 2019 Inductees - and UNIANIMOUDS CHOICE

toga143January 22, 2019 06:22PM

  Re: Persona tidbit

toga155January 23, 2019 09:24AM

  Interesting topic.

Hitman23114January 24, 2019 08:29AM

  Re: Interesting topic.

toga106January 24, 2019 05:01PM