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Here's an Idea

October 23, 2018 12:02PM
For all those Sux fans in your life who have no class - when they make their snarky remarks, give them the message I sent to the son of my best friend - take 2018 but remember 1918 the Sux didn't win another WS until 2004 - all their championships in the 20th century were prior to 1919. so enjoy 2018 because 2104 is a long way in the future.. Also you can note that it was easier to win in the 20th century - most of it had only 1 level of playoffs and now it's 3-4 depending on whether you have to win a WC game.

While we wait for the Yankee brass meetings to begin planning the blueprint for 2019, we can't be too down on the 2018 team - or sure disappointed especially dealing with idiotic friends or for some co-workers - Many of you probably aren't old to remember when the season was 154 games - just 16 teams in 2 divisions. Win your division and it was on to the WS - season began around April 15th and was over usually the first week of October a max of 161 games compared to today when the regular season is 162 games. YES HOT STOVE begins November 26th - but I'm sure we'll be hearing some interesting rumors soon as the beat writers (if there are any left) scramble for backpage headlines. So don't venture too far from TYB - discussions will go on until ST begins.

  Here's an Idea

toga154October 23, 2018 12:02PM

  I Love it!!

Hitman2375October 23, 2018 07:19PM