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Welcome aboard LLYank56!!!

October 12, 2018 03:04PM
Sorry I am a little late on rolling out the welcome wagon but better late than never I hope!

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome LLYank56!!!smileys with beerhot smiley

Although there aren't a ton of members on this Board I am going to say this: Think qualitythumbs up over quantity! I have found the participants in this forum incredibly knowledgeable, friendly, respectful, thoughtful, helpful and not to smiling bouncing smileysmileys with beerthumbs upmention good natured people who love the Yankees and love to discuss all things Yankees and baseball!

They are what keep me coming here year after year, season after season to seek knowledge(I defer to many of these folks because they are far more knowledgeable than I), to seek insightful and sharp commentary and yes sometimes to celebrate and commiserate after wins and losses.

All with the goal of enjoying myself while interacting with fellow Yankees fans!!! My hats off to all of you!!! smileys with beer

I hope you will enjoy, LLYank56!!!grinning smiley


  Welcome aboard LLYank56!!!

Gator139October 12, 2018 03:04PM

  Re: Welcome aboard LLYank56!!!

LLYANK5648October 15, 2018 12:43PM