October 07, 2018 07:11AM
Maybe I'm old school and feel some people are overly sensitive/ I didn't pay much attention to SPN firings over 'racial slurs' but when I read the headline about Darling making one against Tanaka it caught my attention - I am not happy with TBS sportscasters/announcers & I have my personal rants. This really has me = "chink in the armor" is an old phrase referring to a weakness in something. it's an innocuous remark and if I didn't see the blaring headline would have thought nothing of it. Look up the definition in Webster's: 1st definition:
A small cleft, rent, or fissure, of greater length than breadth; a gap or crack; as, the chinks of a wall.'
I want to hear what Tanaka says - similar thing happened to Jeremy Linn and he was happy with the apology - maybe it's a double standard. Imagine if Darling had said Price had a chink in his armor after Gary hit his home run.

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