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Re: Here's An Idea..

July 07, 2018 08:08PM
Not just for Sonny Gray but ALL ATHLETES - they get paid megabucks to do a job. Just because they have a contract they get that money whether or not they perform - maybe when they consistently perform poorly (and Gray has since coming to pinstripes) - they should forfeit or have to give back part of that salary. We've seen contracts laden with incentives well that would be an incentive to earn their paycheck. I'm not talking about going 0-4 even 0-20, or losing a couple of games - consistent ineffectiveness

That will never happen, the MLB union would never go for that.

And think of the opposite scenario. We'd be paying Aaron Judge 40 million dollars a year right now, lol.


  Sonny Gray...

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  Well I'll be...Sonny Gray

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