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Sevy.....Something Special

July 02, 2018 06:43AM
Let's just say I'm pissed with SPN announcers downgrading Luis Severino. He is something special - not just because his 100th pitch can top 100 mph, nor dominate 7,8 even 9 innings - but he learns from every game especially the ones when he doesn't have his good stuff. He comes back stronger & more focused. Earlier this he was pummeled by the Sux last night 2 hits, 4 walks holding the Sux scoreless for 6.2 innings - and he was ready to pitch longer but Aaron wanted to get the big 3 (DRob, Dellin & Chap) into a game situation - Chap hadn't pitched since Monday & there was a little rust to knock off.
In the other dugout, we usually have Price's number BUT 5 homeruns off him WOW!!! - Judge, Gley, AA-Ron (2) & Kyle for his first MLB hit. Taking 2/3 was a good weekend - but surprising was all three were slaughters - with the 11-1 W & a share of 1st place. Now the Braves come in before we take to the road before the AS break.

  Rumble in the Bronx!!

Hitman23151June 29, 2018 09:24AM

  Re: Rumble in the Bronx!!

toga74June 29, 2018 12:40PM

  Re: Rumble in the Bronx!!

Hitman2373June 29, 2018 02:47PM

  Re: Rumble in the Bronx!!

Giambino81June 30, 2018 07:09AM

  Sonny Gray SUCKS!!!!

Hitman23114June 30, 2018 07:34PM

  C'mon, Sevy.....

Hitman2380June 30, 2018 08:01PM

  Re: C'mon, Sevy.....

Giambino95June 30, 2018 08:37PM

  Sevy.....Something Special

toga71July 02, 2018 06:43AM

  Re: Sonny Gray SUCKS!!!!

toga81July 01, 2018 05:59AM