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Media Jinxes Again

June 21, 2018 03:01PM
All the hype about a pitcher's battle between Severino & Paxton - 6 quick runs in the first two innings & in the sixth both starters are gone. Severino struggled throughout & fielding has not been crisp. Thankfully it's a 4-3 Yankee lead - but while our O has stagnated after 4 runs in the 1st (almost 5) the M's have been scratching back - soft contact in the 6th eventually sent Sevy to the showers early. Can the pen come through one more time - DRob got a pop to right for 3rd out in the 6th.

  Media Jinxes Again

toga109June 21, 2018 03:01PM

  Happy Birthday, Toga!!

Hitman2382June 22, 2018 01:02AM

  Re: Happy Birthday, Toga!!

toga57June 22, 2018 06:25AM