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Re: No problems w/lineup

June 11, 2018 12:31PM
Hit the nail on the he head! In the mid of his slump, he lines a shot to right center or right field, and you think finally coming out of it, then he proceeds to go back to trying to yank everything to left. If he sticks to going to right, especially against the slider/curve, those bombs to left will come! These kids don't realize how strong they are in Yankee Stadium. A fly ball to right will go out just as easily !

  Did not like tonight's lineup

PRYanksFan89June 10, 2018 10:29PM

  Re: Did not like tonight's lineup

Hitman2362June 10, 2018 11:03PM

  Re: No problems w/lineup

toga64June 11, 2018 06:56AM

  Re: No problems w/lineup

unclekevin66June 11, 2018 08:13AM


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  Re: No problems w/lineup

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