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Fair weathered fans??

May 28, 2018 04:26PM
Just look at his record since joining the Astros, other than Severino, I would trade that arm and record for anybody we currently have on our staff. And to think we could've made a bid or him when he was available, but all the fair weather fans said "he's too old"! You want some salt to go with those words?

For the record, Brian Cashman didn't pull a deal with the Tigers not because Verlander was thought to be too old, but because he was too expensive. The Yankees (and the Dodgers) wanted to get under the salary tax threshold in 2018, so they could save tens of millions of dollars in the foreseeable future. The Yankees have paid a total of 341 million dollars over 15 years thanks to the luxury tax, where their tax penalty percentage was at 50%.

Also, Verlander wasn't even close to being the pitcher he is now, before the trade between Detroit and Houston.

PS: Even if Yankee fans did think that Verlander was too old and washed up, Brian Cashman isn't going to nix a trade just because the fan base isn't happy with the player. ie: Roger Clemens back in 1999.


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  Fair weathered fans??

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