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Re: Boone's Worst Game - so far

May 07, 2018 10:53AM
I've watched Aaron Boone from the day came to the Yankees, his days in the booth - so when he 'copped' the plum job to manage my team though I was pissed with letting Joe G go, I gave his successor the benefit. The team struggled in early games as players were adjusting to new teammate; the manager to his first job & coaching staff, some who obviously weren't helping him. I haven't questioned calls or decisions since we know that many come from computer & sabermetric recommendations. BUT today is the worst job by both. A rookie pitcher tosses 6 innings of no-hit ball while Clevenger is tossing a 1-hitter of his own. No problem taking Dom out of a no-hitter is in first ML start - my problem comes with leaving Dellin Betances in after he gives up a hit - Betances has been getting his stuff together with single inning appearances so okay let him start the 8th BUT when that runner was on first and the Indians brought in Davis to run - no way you leave Betances on the mound. A pretty-well rested pen (except for DRob) bring in Shreve - but that isn't what happened. Betances was left in too long & then Holder couldn't handle the pressure. TOTAL BS and unacceptable - this one falls squarely on the manager, the pitching coach and the computer. Oh it's not over but I'm totally not happy about this. angry smileyconfused smiley Have a nice off day - I plan to take that first long walk since the weather has finally warmed but not expecting high humidity.

I'll give Boone some slack (and you know how I felt about the replacement of Girardi) in regards to taking Domingo German out after 84 pitched in six innings. He's still being stretched out from a reliever to a starter, and I heard before the game that they were putting him on a 70 pitch count limit. I'll agree with you on an extra inning for Betances, especially when the pinch runner came in, who I could tell looked like a sprinter from the upper deck let alone from the dugout. I said to my friend, that guy will probably end up on 3rd base after five pitches!

Enjoy your walk today and just think of that walk off home run by Gleyber. smileys with beer.
PS: I froze my butt off yesterday at Yankee Stadium because I was a bonehead for wearing shorts and a shirt! moody smiley


  Boone's Worst Game - so far

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