April 11, 2018 10:30PM
In all started when Tyler Austin slid into 2nd feet first - Brock Holt took exception when the spike clipped his ankle/lower leg. In the 7th Joe Kelly missed one attempt to hit Tyler but connected on the second. Ty threw down his bat and went after Kelly - when the smoke cleared. The steam roller effect of Judge & Stanton with CC bringing up the rear had effectively pushed the Sux players way back toward their own dugout. Judge actually had Kelly in a headlock. Luckily it looks like no injuries - Ty, Coach Phil Nevins & Kelly were ejected & will most likely be fined & suspended.
Tanaka was not sharp pretty much blowing an 8-1 lead - including a grand slam to Martinez. On the bright side, Sanchez had 2 - 3-run shots to left; Stanton tripled in the first plus an rbi single later in the game. In the 8th Yankees lead 10 -6 - but after that fiasco they need to hold on for the win.

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