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Re: Francesa

August 29, 2016 02:44PM
sorry, I think I must have misunderstoodconfused smiley what Francesa was saying.

I was really just asking a general question about why he would be down on 'these guys' meaning all these young players we have now put in the lineup? They give me reason to hope and reason to think about the future positively. The Yankees may be a longshot for the playoffs this year but I feel energized that there are now a lot of good young players on the Yankees big league roster. I will enjoy watching their development at the major league level and I do expect that there will be ups and downs...all part of the development process.

If Francesa gives the Yankees no chance I can see where he's coming from but as a fan until they are mathematically eliminated I can always find reason to be optimistic at the very least. I think perhaps part of Francesa saying the Yankees have 'no chance' will stimulate or encourage more debate on his show by callers and guests so part of his comment is self serving. Say something incendiary to get those phone lines lighting up...I get it that's his job so he and I are coming at this from two different directions...he as a member of the New York media and I as a fan of the Yankees.


  how about number 11?

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  2 for 4 in today's loss.

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