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Re: Yankee lose 8-7

April 09, 2018 06:56AM
time for Stanton to wake up - he was fine in game 1 at Toronto but not much since; 2 games he K's 5 times a first in his career. Is putting too much pressure on himself - we've seen from others. He needs to settle down. I like Montgomery but when he didn't have his stuff early & wasn't finding it, should have been taken out earlier. I'm not the pitching coach but could see Jordy just wasn't on, Rothchild has been the p.c. for how long - and the staff is not being handled right. We're going young as a team - maybe we should go for a younger p.c. like David Cone - I'd say Mariano but know he's enjoying his 'retirement' too much to return to a year-round restriction. Plus we've seen too many base running mistakes in the homestand - it might be April but if we fail in Beantown, my hopes for this team will drop. Injuries or not - they need to win those close games, win series, - most of the loses have come from the 7th inning on, the 'killer instinct' is not there. You want to win you go for the jugular and put the other team away - don't sit back and rest on your laurels. end of this rant angry smiley

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Giambino189April 08, 2018 06:09PM

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toga142April 09, 2018 06:56AM