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16 Days to OD

March 13, 2018 04:20PM
With a little over 2 weeks left in ST things in Tampa should be shaping up and falling into place. Problem is there a still a ton of minor league players on the bench and getting into games. Today was a prime example. Boone's 5th inning interview said we would be seeing players going 2, 3 games in a row & beginning to play the 9 innings as pitchers continue to stretch out, starters to 100 pitches. CC did a nice job just one meatball that left the field. He mixed his pitches and showed more of the good stuff we saw last year. Chap, DRob & Chad Green did a nice job in relief - too bad it take us through 9 innings. Didi tied the game with another dinger then in the 8th little ball gave us the lead. Gio was brought in for the 9th & before he settled down had given up the tying run - a bad throw by Florial didn't help matters. The loss/tie - if we don't win it's a loss ties aren't wins - can be attributed to young players getting up with the winning run on 3rd trying too hard to put one out instead of just making solid contact. Only Tyler Wade put in a patient ab but Farmer walked him on 4 & let him take 2nd on DID. Also 2nd game in a row that Bird did not play - Tyler Austin last night & Adam Lind today played first.

  16 Days to OD

toga137March 13, 2018 04:20PM

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Hitman23115March 13, 2018 05:01PM