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Re: Could Giancarlo Stanton actually become a Yankee???

December 09, 2017 06:29AM
First it won't happen without a lot of financial juggling - the Yankees are on a mission to come under the salary cap. Second we have a young outfield - I wouldn't move Aaron out of RF for him. Not sure Stanton could cover the cavernous CF - and unless they suits can make a trade that would include swapping Stanton & Ellsbury contracts (both are non=trade clauses) -because we still have Hicks who might be adjusting the NY. Left field - can Stanton play it? Gardy is still there but his age is beginning to catch up. We still Clint Frasier who was beginning to an impression and a couple others in S/WB/ The only reason this is even being debated is because the Yankees were included on the list of teams he would accept a trade to play.

  Could Giancarlo Stanton actually become a Yankee???

Hitman23295December 09, 2017 03:13AM

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