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Ok - time to wake up TYB

December 08, 2017 09:29AM
Winter meetings will be held next week in Florida - expect some trades, deals & FA signings to start hitting the headlines. So here we go:
1) Will the Yankees sign CC to perhaps a one-year deal with incentives?

2) Now that Dee Gordon has been traded, will the Marlins finalize a deal to trade Stanton? Definitely cleaning house to rebuild - but will they stay in Miami?

3) Will Ohtani really sign with a small market team like San Diego or Seattle? or do we find that he not only wasted the Yankee time in compiling a presentation that was never heard but also that he lied about the reason? Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth are not small market venues.

4) Will Cash be content to go into ST with a rotation of Tanaka, Severino, Gray, Montgomery, & Sabathia - with Chance Adams, etc waiting in the wings of S/WB as needed?

5) Will Aaron Boone have his coaching staff in order before Christmas? Thoughts on a bench coach? Rob Thomson, a huge loss, has signed with the Phillies/ Carlos Beltran is taking a year off after not getting this plum job. Al Pedrique of the S/WB Railriders - didn't get an interview but could he be considered as bench coach - he is knowledgeable and knows the youngsters & their temperments/egos. Will Tony Pena stay on to work with Sanchez on fielding or do they go with youth on the coaching staff too? Jorge Posada, maybe John Flaherty - both have expressed interest in coaching. Paul O'Neill would make an interesting batting coach but has no interest in all the time & travel involved. He enjoys spending time with his family and Neville; bringing Neville to with him when he analyzes the Yankees (they still have their home in Westchester). He sees outside the box & spots flaws or weaknesses in swings.
Never knew exactly what Willie Randolph did to be on the "No List" all these years - but at this time, sadly his time to become a Coach or Manager have passed - but at least he still comes to ST with Gator, Goose, Reggie, etc. to work with the future Bombers.

Just some of the questions going into the meetings - any thoughts - let's play GM now that the Yankees have a Manager, pitching coach.

  Ok - time to wake up TYB

toga128December 08, 2017 09:29AM