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Managerial interviews are COMPLETE!!

December 01, 2017 09:48AM
According to Brian Cashman this morning, he will make a recommendation from these six candidates to ownership soon.

Here they are:

1. Rob Thompson
2. Hensley Meulens
3. Eric Wedge
4. Aaron Boone
5. Chris Woodard
6. Carlos Beltran



  Managerial interviews are COMPLETE!!

Hitman23383December 01, 2017 09:48AM

  Re: Managerial interviews are COMPLETE!!

toga123December 01, 2017 03:30PM

  Report: Yankees hire Aaron Boone as manager

Giambino302December 02, 2017 05:54AM

  I hope...

Hitman23293December 02, 2017 07:15AM

  Re: I hope...

toga273December 02, 2017 08:00AM

  Re Wouldn't it be Funny

toga131December 02, 2017 09:16AM


Hitman23265December 02, 2017 12:05PM

  Re: Was Cash a Dallas fan???..

toga140December 02, 2017 03:56PM

  Re: Was Cash a Dallas fan???..

Giambino129December 04, 2017 08:27AM