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Re: Bob Klapisch: The New York Yankees will regret letting Joe Girardi go.

October 27, 2017 09:55AM
I'm not a reporter, don't make a living with words but I have been a Yankee most of my life - & that's a long, long time. There have been moves I didn't agree with, didn't like, players traded that I didn't want to see go - I've seen many changes in the game and how things were handled - but in all but two (the firing of Yogi (twice) & Bert Campanaris just because I couldn't stand him) gave it a chance . Won't recant them all - maybe just a few. The first firing of Yogi in '64 - I refused to watch or listen to any games in '65; Campanaris - picture me turning my back to the television & strike him out, never once cheered for him. On the plus side I was thrilled when George bought the Yankees - there was a lot of turnovers & turmoil after Topping& Webb sold the team. Under CBS it was a disaster.
In the early years I could expect nearly every player to return unless they retired; maybe a few new players would come. Then came the battle for FA - this began the era of overpaid athletes and the expansion of teams as the Dodgers & Giants fled to the left coast brought more players to the majors - so many things factored in less than stellar players could now make the teams; even the bar for the HOF was lowered; television coverage; longer seasons; international players.
In the late 80's the Yankees had their AA team in Albany so got to meet & know some of the guys on a personal level including Roberto Kelly who was later traded for Paul O'Neill - while I was sad to see "Berto leave I was thrilled to see The Warrior arrive. But yesterday's announcement that Joe Girardi would not be returning as manager, not because he didn't want to but because the Brass wanted to move on. I already mentioned my feelings about Yogi's dismissals -but before that was Casey Stengel. Everyone loved Casey but he blew the '60 WS mishandling the starting rotation - Headlines at first came out that it was because of his age while later information showed how his actions had a direct effect on the outcome. Bringing in Ralph Houk was awesome - always liked him as a coach so not a problem with the choice. The relationship between George & Billy Martin was hysterical - so much so that Miller Lite showcased it in several commercials. But perhaps in the back of his mind, each George fired Billy he knew Billy would be back so the successor was not someone you expected to last - Stump Merrill, Bob Lemon come to mind. When Billy died in the accident, we were anticipating his next managerial return. Buck Showalter - well face his reputation is a good manager who has yet to take that final step. The Yankees reached the WC in '95 but could not win the Kingdome so in came Joe Torre. We know the dynasty teams he commanded - Buck then went to Arizona as its first manager but was gone before the 'devastating '01 season. In Baltimore he's still looking for that ring. When the Yankees decided they didn't want Torre long term after '07, they at least offered a 1-year deal. Maybe this is what really irks me, they didn't give Joe G the same respect. Reports are now circulating and maybe after the WS the truth will come out - that the decision was reached prior to the 2017 season - back when the team was not expected to gel for 2 years. Under Joe the Baby Bombers have excelled expectations coming within one game of playing in the WS. After Joe admitted he screwed up with the 'appeal call' (Brad was slow in getting the info to the dugout that would had the play overturned) against Cleveland, Todd Frazier led the rally cry that saw them come from an 0-2 deficit in the ALDS. As fans we have seen Joe's poker face for most of the 10 years not giving away how the team was playing, this year we saw some cracks in that fa├žade. He had never thrown a player under the bus but took responsibility for it all - although sabermetrics, computer printouts, etc were behind every lineup, pitching change. Math & technology taking over the game I loved, In Cleveland after a season that saw Gary Sanchez struggle behind the plate, Joe finally called him on his lack of D - to the point of benching him one game then DH-ing him in the next. OBTW haven't we discussed the PBs, WPs, failure to block - while lauding the rifle arm & bat. This call out upset the young catcher and he put in on social media. Have to wonder if perhaps behind the scenes Joe chastised Aaron Judge during his 7-week slump. Who knows unless it comes out later?? So apparently to be a MLB manager for the New York Yankees, it's not about having baseball knowledge & strategy but heeding computer techs & following their advice. It's not about coaching & teaching young players coming up but boosting their egos so feelings aren't hurt. Never saw Casey coddle Mickey or Yogi; no one coddled Gator who almost left baseball during his minor league days; it wasn't the manager who reprimanded Mel Hall for picking on the young Bernie Williams but Don Mattingly who put Hall in his place though he was traded soon after.
So though most of the team will remain intact, there will be a new manager & that leaves the door open for coaching changes. To contemplate- here's a though bring in Chili Davis to manage the team; David Cone as the pitching coach. How's this for a wild idea - why not have Marcus Thames as the batting coach traveling with the team & Paul O'Neill a PT coach working with the team during ST and throughout the season with players who might incur slumps. Paul doesn't want to do a lot of road trips but is close to Chicago & Cleveland, Cincy when we play there and would probably not be abject to homestands as he has a home in Westchester. Have Andy Pettitte & Mariano on a similar basis for pitching coaches I would put Rob Thompson back as 3rd Base coach & leave Tony Pena at 1st but have him working with Sanchez on his defense. Ok so I'm bored & still reeling from Joe's 'firing' + the way it was handled. If they were just going to let his contract run out, why talk to him for several hours on two different days - so many questions that hopefully get answered next week. Rant over at least for now -

  Bob Klapisch: The New York Yankees will regret letting Joe Girardi go.

Hitman23136October 26, 2017 06:40PM

  Re: Bob Klapisch: The New York Yankees will regret letting Joe Girardi go.

toga103October 27, 2017 09:55AM